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Vortex Stream Head

Vortex Stream Head


The vortex stream head allows the execution of three different blasting methods with just one basic nozzle. This offers the advantage to be able to adapt the equipment fast and optimally to the ever changing requirements in cleaning and to achieve ideal results. By replacing special individual components, the basic nozzle can be used effectively and economically as whirl 
jet, flat spray or jet nozzle. Classical ranges of application are for example light and filigree tasks in stone cutting.

Furthermore, the vortex stream head sets new standards in the range of surface technology. The new whirl jet nozzle allows an absolutely gentle, effective and environmentally sound cleaning when applying either dry, fog or wet procedure.


The three different blasting methods 
Whirl Jet Nozzle

Whirl jet nozzle: extremely gentle to surfaces

By using a vertebral body, the stream of compressed air is put into rotation within the nozzle. The blasting particles which are subtly spread within the rotating stream are gently conducted over the surface that needs to be cleaned. Thus, a fine grinding cleaning effect is achieved.

Flat Spray Nozzle

Flat spray nozzle: extremly wide flat stream

By using a flat spray nozzle, a high ground coverage can be achieved. The originally round jet is formed like a spatula-shaped flat spray by the flat spray nozzle. The spray width lies between 15 and 30 cm.

Round Jet Nozzle

Round jet nozzle: with highly abrasive effect

This is the classical spray for all-purpose application. The Venturi round jet nozzle accelerates the mixture of air and abrasive material in the shape of a cone. The blasting particles are impacting the surface at high speed. The round jet nozzle is especially useful for the removal of colour, rust, plaster and for roughening surfaces.

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